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With the passage of time, Fosters (Forster) continues to expand, concentrate on the design of more nimble sports shoes to improve athletes running speed, and other areas of business tentacles of sports. In 1958, Forster's two grandchildren, Joseph (Joseph Foster) and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Foster), "Forster" this brand name and trademark changed to "Reebok (Reebok)."". Reebok, pronounced African dialect, is a small, fast powerful African gazelle. Named after "Reebok", it is because of its high speed running and light posture, which represents the spirit of Reebok...... Da...... Da......" The law, footsteps, also vividly indicates that Reebok can be in the increasingly fierce sports brand market, light and steady to indulge in running!

Reebok and the then famous basketball star Iverson signed a cooperation agreement, so that Reebok basketball career has a new start. At the time, Reebok's first pair of shoes for Iverson was named at the time of Iverson's nickname, but a year later we found the answer. In the 96-97 season, Iverson took almost all the new awards.