Casual fashion 2014 Reebok ZigTech Women Shoes Orange Red

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Casual fashion 2014 Reebok ZigTech Women Shoes Orange Red

The brand has a long history of development, Reebok has signed a contract with star: NBA famous basketball player, has repeatedly NBA All-Star, former American basketball dream team captain Alan Everson (for Reebok endorsement) and former NBA dunk uncrowned king Francis also joined the Reebok family, in the 99 year of Jason Terry. Gallinari, Nelson, sessions, and "the shark" O'neal "," Rain Man "Sean Camp." Chinese basketball player Yao Ming was also a former Reebok star before he retired. In addition, the Reebok star lineup also has F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, TOKIO HOTEL guitarist TOM KAULITZ. Reebok is the global spokesperson for popular supermodel Gigi Hadid, more rap star Kendrick Lamar and rap music wizard Future the classic series of continuous heating.

Reebok's patent in the end there are many kinds of shock absorption technology, DMX shear is DMX mega, the physical damping device, DMX micro, DMX 6, DMX 10 is the use of air damping, commonly known as gas flow shock chamber, more than two generally exist in this system, a channel is gas free the flow in the two chambers, in order to achieve before and after alternate cushioning effect, but good cushioning ability and lack of flexibility, early DMX will fall, long-term exercise can lead to fatigue, but the use of inflatable sponge are arranged in the sole as damping material, to solve some problems in DMX.

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